Photo Printing

These days most of us use our smart phones as our everyday camera. But squinting at a small image on a screen will never be the same as holding a physical picture of a memory you treasure and value.

The Presentation Place can print and develop photos from your phone, digital camera, ‘old school’ film camera and even those slides you’ve still got tucked away in the cupboard. We use the latest software and printing technologies to enhance and produce your photos so that colours pop, smiles are ever brighter and landscapes are even more breathtaking than you remember. No matter how you have captured your memory, we will make it shine.


Our store is home to four state-of-the-art HP (Hewlett Packard) digital photo kiosks. Bring in your CD, DVD, SD card, USB stick or other digital media to select the photos you want to print, resize, turn into collages, canvas prints, photo books, invite cards and more!

Each kiosk is easy to use and our friendly staff is always on hand to help ensure you print the photos you want, in the way you want. Plus our staff always cast a careful eye over your images meaning we can colour correct each image to make sure they are at their most spectacular when printed!


Film cameras will never go out of style at The Presentation Place. We process most types of film and can also reprint and resize images from your negatives or slides. Bring in your film for photo enlargements or restoration purposes. The gorgeous colours captured on film will really shine when we print your photos.

Using the industry-standard C41 process, our minilab can develop a range of film sizes. This includes 35mm, 120 and 220 negatives, as well as APS film. Any films that we can’t develop onsite we outsource to ensure you get the best results, service and value for money.