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Photo restorations and reproduction

Your original photograph is scanned, copied, and the image is digitally retouched. It is then reproduced to your desired size. We can print the restored photo on photographic or cotton rag paper. Images are saved digitally and can be reordered at any time. Your precious original is returned to you along with the restored print. The process usually takes 7-10 working days, depending on the workload. We can also assist with framing of your restored photo. Restoration files are available at no additional cost.


Just bring in your PHONE, SD card, USB stick or other digital media to select the photos you want to print, resize, turn into collages, canvas prints, photo books, invite cards and more!


Film cameras will never go out of style at The Presentation Place. We process most types of film and can also reprint and resize images from your negatives or slides. Bring in your film for photo enlargements or restoration purposes. The gorgeous colours captured on film will really shine when we print your photos.